• “Deb Rhizal was my doula for the birth of my twin girls. Not only was she adept at helping me maneuver through the actual delivery (two babies, one breech, all out, no meds- awesome!) but she was also able to help my husband and I think about what we wanted from the delivery, what we could expect, how my previous experience was influencing the current one, and she was even present for us postpartum with breastfeeding help and adjustment to life as a family reconfigured. Deb has mastered the art of being able to guide women through pregnancy and birth; she informs without mandates and leads without coercion. I felt like I had an experienced friend at my side every step of the way.”
    - Lynn
  • “Deb was our doula for our first child's birth. Deb's presence gave my husband David the boost in confidence he needed to provide me with mental and physical support during our first labor. For me, Deb's presence let me comfortably and safely let my guard down and give in to the contractions without fear. I knew that Deb would protect my birth plan and it would be followed. David and I were able to welcome Nora into the world without pain medication or unnecessary interventions.”
    - Jeanette
  • “Deb was the birth assistant for my homebirth in 2006. Her presence was calming and efficient while she effectively assisted my midwife in catching my son and caring for both of us immediately after. Deb then came for one of my postpartum visits on behalf of my midwife and was especially helpful with breastfeeding concerns I had. She spent a lot of time with me and lovingly offered advice and help that worked very well for me. I would highly recommend Deb's services to anyone considering pregnancy or needing assistance before, during or after a birth.”
    - Crystal
  • “Deb Rhizal was a wonderful part of my whole birth experience. She has a personality and demeanor that is so welcoming and easy to talk to. During my labor I was so thankful because she anticipated my needs when I didn't want to use the energy to speak them.”
    - Lisa
  • “I know Jon and I only had one class with you, but it really meant a lot to us, and truly benefited us! You are a gifted teacher.”
    - Grace
  • “With tears literally gushing down my cheeks right now... I didn't even fully comprehend how awful I felt until I started reading your e-mail and for once felt totally understood and completely accepted. I've been keeping up a huge facade for everyone around me so that they don't have to feel this burden, but I needed so badly to share it.”
    - Tina
  • “Thank you for all your love and support, as you must well know, every kind and understanding word goes a long way when you are second-guessing yourself in pregnancy and labor.”
    - Susan
  • “Thank you for serving to help facilitate what was, for me, a wonderful birth experience. I was amazed at how you worked so well to see that every need - including emotional - was met. Your passion for seeing women blessed is obvious and contagious.”
    - Beth
  • “Paul and I wanted to thank you for teaching our birth class. We really enjoyed it. I haven’t felt so alert or awake in a long time. The information was helpful and not too much - we didn’t feel overwhelmed. I’m actually looking forward to the birth experience now.”
    - Chris and Paul
  • “I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful, priceless service you provided to us as our doula for both of our girls. Your presence with us was a highlight of both experiences for me - from your thoughtful preparation with us to your steady encouraging, reassuring presence during labor and delivery to your care for us in the postpartum days/weeks. Having you there made both experiences more positive for Dirk as well.”
    - Ann
  • “Thanks for your amazing help the past few days. Although we probably could of made it on our own, having your calm voice, expertise, and gentle assistance made the experience a healthy, positive journey that we will remember as a great success.”
    - Jay
  • “You are truly gifted in the art of helping women feel safe and secure in their feelings while pregnant no matter how conflicted they may feel inside.”
    - Sheila
  • “Deb, I can’t thank you enough for all your support throughout Seth’s birth. I always felt you were there for me, listening to and validating my past experiences but still holding the possibility of a beautiful and healing birth. You struck a perfect balance of acceptance and hopefulness that I so desperately needed during my second pregnancy. You are an exquisitely gifted doula.”
    - Molly
  • “Thank you for the role you played in Katie’s arrival. Her birth was truly the experience of a lifetime for us, and we appreciated having you there.”
    - Erin and Piere
  • “We’re so grateful for your photography skills; these are amazing images that I’m glad to have.”
    - Amy
  • “I wish I could find better words to describe my gratitude for all that you did for us. You know how significant birth experiences are - they are wonders beyond description. Thank you for the many ways you enriched ours.”
    - Nanci
  • “Your class and assistance made the process much smoother and more comfortable. You’re great at what you do!”
    - Linda and Jason
  • “This pregnancy and resulting VBAC have been an amazing experience!”
    - Danielle
  • “Deb, you were such a blessing to have at our first birth. I sure hope that you’re still working with women to peacefully bring their babies into the world.”
    - Kerin
  • “Thank you for understanding my deepest fears and desires and for loving me through the birth of my son.”
    - Molly

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Pregnancy Arts thanks the following professionals and organizations for their referrals:

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University of Michigan Certified Nurse Midwives

Ann Arbor Doulas

Hygeia Center for Healing Arts

Marlene McGrath of Marlene’s Mama Yoga

Stacia Proefrock CPM

Ann Arbor Childbirth Class Directory

Center for the Childbearing Year

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6 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I began Deb’s “Birth and the First Three Months” class feeling scared and overwhelmed about labor and delivery. After six weeks I felt empowered and informed. The class exceeded my expectations. Deb’s teaching style focuses on helping her students find the information they need and figuring out what works for them within their families. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!

  2. Deb’s “Birth and the First Three Months” class was great! I thought the main focus was going to be just on labor and delivery, but the overall class was incredibly well-balanced and I ended up learning a lot. She is incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel much more confident about my ability to succeed as a first-time parent.

  3. I loved Deb’s class “Birth and the first 3 months”! It was so informative and fun using all different kinds of tools. I felt very comfortable in the private, small group setting where we got to know each other. I very much appreciated Deb’s vast knowledge on all aspects of childbirth, postpartum, and parenting, as well as her great online resources. I feel well prepared for the upcoming birth of our first child and can highly recommend Deb as a childbirth educator.

  4. Deb is a really great instructor. The “Birth and the First Three Months” was so helpful in giving me the tools to not feel overwhelmed. She really has a great gift of getting couples to explore what they need to make them feel more empowered about the experience. Deb also has a great set of resources covering all aspects of labor, postpartum and infant care that I continue to refer to.

  5. My wife and I took “Birth and the First Three Months” and we used Deb as our doula. The class was great and Deb has a deep knowledge. Beyond the excellent information about the birth process, Deb spent time on what to expect the first few months after coming home from the hospital and how to prepare for those times. I started the class not knowing even what I was supposed to ask, but I gained confidence that I’d be able to ask the important questions to deal with any situation that arose, either during my wife’s labor or in the first three months. Throughout the class my wife and I became much more connected with what we wanted for our developing family.

    I’ll also add that Deb is completely non-judgmental about the choices each family takes, or ultimate directions they end up going. My wife’s labor started unmedicated, although it required progressively more medical intervention as things developed. As our doula, Deb was with us for the entire process, giving us a tremendous amount of information and support at every step. Both the class and her doula services exceeded our expectations in every way, and Deb has really helped us to build a solid foundation to start our new life on.

  6. My husband and I took Deb’s “Birth and the First Three Months” class and we are both so much better for it. We learned not only about labor and birth, but also about early childhood development and changes that happen to your family from having a new baby. The class was organized in a way that flowed logically and there was a lot of opportunity to ask questions and discuss different topics as they came up. Deb is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is very passionate about it too. We left the class feeling empowered and ready to be parents. Thank you Deb.

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