Wish you could have a doula during your pregnancy, but don’t need the labor support?

You Can!

Pregnancy/Postpartum Coaching

Wellbeing: the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

A Pregnancy Coach helps you create the experiences you desire. Personal Sessions offer so much more than a group class, book advice, or the teaching moments between you and your doctor or midwife. They give you an opportunity to sit down for a concentrated period to work directly with a childbirth and family wellness professional, focusing on the specifics in your life. Wellbeing is personal. Your pregnancy is unique. Your baby is unique. You are unique. I am here to help you figure out how to make it all work.

Pregnancy Coach / Postpartum Coach

Pregnancy Coach = Healthy Mom & BabyPregnancy Coaching provides education, support, and accountability to help you take great care of yourself and optimize your personal wellbeing and family strength. A pregnancy coach will help you work your way into life as you most want it to be.  Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, during pregnancy or after becoming a parent, for individuals or couples.

  • Coaching is like having a mentor as you become a new parent.
  • Coaching provides in-the-moment education and answers to your questions when you need them.
  • Coaching provides guidance towards a healthier, more balanced life and stronger relationships.
  • If there are changes you need to make, coaching helps you figure out how to make them in a way that works for you and ensures that they’re lasting.

Initial Session:  90 minute session.  Conducted in-person or by phone. $120.00.

On-Going Sessions: 30-40 minutes conducted by phone. Billed by month. Weekly $280/month, Bi-weekly $155/month, Monthly $90


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