In-Home Breastfeeding Support

Woman and ChildBreastfeeding can bring up a lot of questions! I can help with

  • Nipple/Breast Pain
  • Baby Struggling to Nurse
  • Poor Sucking
  • Questions about Pumping/Returning to Work

I take an integrative approach to breastfeeding support, proving advice and education or bodywork as needed.

Information includes teaching techniques for helping your baby get a good latch on the breast, advice for healing injured nipples, and preparations for pumping or returning to work.

Bodywork includes craniosacral therapy and reiki. These therapies can help babies coordinate or strengthen their suck, and sooth babies who are distressed.

Same-Day Service

Whenever possible I try to schedule breastfeeding visits on the day you call.  The focus of the visit is your current questions and experiences! We will talk about needs and solutions.

I find your home to be the best place for breastfeeding help. In your home I can see the current operation in action, which gives me rich insight into what may work best for you and your baby. Trips out of the house are exhausting for a recovering mommy and caring for a newborn away from home can be very distracting when you are trying to meet with someone.

Visits are up to two hours and I have a sliding fee of $30 – $120.00. Postpartum help is so important, and I want it to be available to all! A distance fee applies for travel exceeding 20 miles.

Contact me to schedule.

For Healthy, Happy, Families