Doula Services Overview

I offer a free initial consultation for all services.

Contact Deb Rhizal to discuss your needs and interests. I will listen to you and honestly let you know how I may or may not be able to help. I am happy to refer you to other practitioners if my services do not meet your needs.

Planning Sessions

What is your vision of your perfect pregnancy? A great birth? A wonderful postpartum experience? Great family/career balance? What element of that vision truly gets to the heart of it? And what would it take to get there? I will guide you through these questions, offering the information you need along the way to understand what to expect from these transitions and experiences. Together we will identify what you can do to plan for your dreams. Couples will leave the session united around a plan and knowing what they can do.  I also offer consultation around matters of holistic health and wellbeing, birth planning, choosing a doctor or midwife or where to give birth, and overcoming challenges.

Contact me on the right of this page to set up a planning session.

Fee: $120 per two hour sessions

Birth Photography

Some families find pictures from labor and birth meaningful and special images, and for some they become an important part of their personal integration of their birth experience. I am not a professional photographer, but had a keen interest in photography in high school and college. I offer birth photography services for those interested in having someone familiar with birth there to capture the moments of birth. I use a high quality digital SLR camera with HD video capabilities and a simple built-in flash. I am able to be an unobtrusive presence during the final stages of your labor, birth and immediate postpartum. Services include on-call availability from 37 weeks gestation onward in order to attend the final hours of your birth and the first 2 hours immediately postpartum.

Fee: $625.00

Contact me on the right of this page to set up your birth photography.

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