Deb Rhizal

Integrative Consultant for the Childbearing Year

Deb Rhizal is diversely and thoroughly educated in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature of this time for all members of the family. She is able to facilitate strong families, personal wellbeing, and optimal care of the new baby.

Relationships, personal energy, physical health, emotional/mental wellbeing, and responsive parenting are inter-related. Deb recognizes how these factors interplay and how to use strengths in one area to facilitate greater health in others. We are complex beings. The obstacles to reaching our best sometimes lie in the conscious active realm of lifestyle, health choices, planning, and education, and sometimes lie in the unconscious but equally influential realm of body health, cellular memory, and energetic imbalances. Deb’s integrative approach to consulting works with both realms: supporting change, growth, or healing through energetic bodywork, while encouraging the best conscious activity such as excellent health behavior, clear decision-making, and effective education. Deb also works integratively with primary medical care providers and mental health specialists where appropriate.

Deb Rhizal’s formal training includes certifications as a wellness coach, birth doula, childbirth educator, and level three Reiki practitioner. She has additional training in multiple natural healing modalities, as a midwife’s assistant, and in biological sciences and interdisciplinary studies. Deb is currently studying nursing at Eastern Michigan University. Above all else, she is a life-long learner interested in the integration of many fields and wisdom from conventional and non-conventional sources. She has a passion to help people and families be at their best, believing that early life experience and family have a massive impact in personal wellbeing and our ability to be vibrant lights in the world.

More about Deb Rhizal:

Deb Rhizal

Experience & Training

Certified Birth Doula, DONA International

I became a doula in 2003. Since that time I have attended the births of hundreds of families in eleven different hospitals in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan and at home. My doula clients have utilized the full scope of medical tools, some of them choosing natural, unmedicated births, and some choosing medical pain relief. I have been with clients through inductions, c-sections, vaginal birth after cesarean (VABCs), and the birth of multiples. My clients come from a great diversity of religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds which is an aspect of my work I treasure. I honor all unique desires for birth and uphold the personal values of my clients.

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Midwife’s Assistant

In 2004 I became a birth and office assistant to Laura Gilbert, Certified Nurse Midwife.  Together we attended over 120 homebirths between 2004 and 2008. In our country, where less than 1% of births occur at home, attending homebirths affords the opportunity to gain rare insights and skills such as aggressive health promotion throughout pregnancy, a mind-body-spirit understanding of labor, and a comfort with the immense variation in healthy birth. I also provided postpartum support and breastfeeding help for many of these families, gaining extensive experience with lactation.

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Childbirth Educator, Birthworks International

I became certified as a childbirth educator through Birthworks International (TM) in 2005.  Birthworks emphasizes the spirit, rather than only the body and mind, in birth. Deep relaxation and multi-sensory visualization techniques, similar to Hypnobirthing (TM), are utilized as tools, but not taught as a method. My teaching experience includes private and group instruction in settings such as homes, clinics, doctor’s offices, and at a birth center for the Amish. I love connecting with the spirit in diverse people as we talk about such a universal experience. The most satisfying aspect of teaching is seeing my clients after their births and hearing that they had a great experience.

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Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches Inc.

In 2009 I certified as a wellness coach and added the tools of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, affirmative inquiry and an interdisciplinary model of human behavior change to my toolbox. This has allowed me to transform education to include an effective focus on how to achieve your personal desires for birth rather than emphasizing information or knowledge. Coaching is personalized based on your strengths, situation, and values. It is preventative; working ahead of time to prepare your  body, mind, and heart for birth and parenting. And it is participatory, meaning that clients who choose coaching become actively involved in making changes to increase their wellbeing, rather than simply learning from their educator.

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Family Wellness Coach, Family Strong/Wellcoaches Inc.

In 2009 I furthered my study of coaching to learn specific ways to work with families as a group. Helping whole families be healthy and happy during birth and postpartum has always been my goal through my birth work and this training helps me to be able to continue that service into the years after the baby’s birth.

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Natural Healing Modalities

I am experienced in several natural healing modalities which work with human energetic anatomy. These therapies all recognize the importance of the body’s electrical/energy system, as well as cellular memory and the frequency of experience held as conscious and unconscious images. My modalities include Reiki, Zero Balancing, Cranial Sacral, Multi-Sensory Visualization, Aromas, Flower Essences, and Breath Work.

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I believe that being well is a great gift in life attainable for all people. I believe it’s worth working for and that the rewards of being healthy and happy are tremendous both for ourselves, our families, and for the broader communities in our lives. I believe that people who are well and are happy serve humanity and that the service each person brings to the world is unique to them. Likewise, what creates a state of wellbeing, or what that state includes, is very different from one person to another and even at different times throughout our life. Therefore I celebrate all choices that help a particular person be well and I enjoy witnessing the great things that these people bring to life in the world.

I also believe that families have a profound effect on the wellbeing of the individuals in them. This is particularly true in the youngest years when family and self are most concretely intertwined… literally so between mother and baby during pregnancy, and gradually transforming into a team of individuals as infants grow. In the same sense that individuals are unique so is each family I encounter. Families have values, personality, strengths, and unique obstacles, just as people do. Consideration of both the individual and the family is important as we work together toward wellness in the childbearing year.

Pregnancy and birth are times that have a heightened effect on the wellbeing of individuals and families. Our physical needs are more complex, the emotional context of our decisions is amplified, and our deepest values are closer to the surface of our awareness. Because of this, the things we experience and learn during this time are with us deeply. When health and happiness pervade this time it lays a strong foundation for growth and support: the best of what a family can be.

Therefore I believe that exceptional, holistic care during preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum has a lasting benefit for families and individuals. It is preventative health care at its finest! I aim to help every family support one another’s wellbeing during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum – and to highlight for them the abilities they’ve demonstrated and a vision of how to carry it forward into their futures.

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The best way to gauge my personality is to give me a call or schedule an interview! I am a positive, affirming person delighted by people and their uniqueness. I enjoy a wide diversity of people and find myself easily interested in a wide variety of subjects. I am often described as positive, balanced, and welcoming.

I am a great teacher and can often make complex concepts clear to people from any background, whether concepts of physiology or of systemic influence (both hugely involved in pregnancy and birth). In short, I can help you understand how things work and how variables affect experience, so that you can make your own decisions based on knowledge about what each choice may mean in your life. I am able to connect with what is important to you and to draw your own personal strengths to the forefront so that you can achieve what you want.

I am also a fabulous student, not an expert or a know-it-all. I have learned about pregnancy and birth from an incredible diversity of experts and families and can honor what each person has to add to the equation. When I work with clients I learn from them too. I listen well and understand your hopes. I can then pull from my rich bank of learnings and guide you to the insights and advice that most clearly serves your needs. I draw out your wisdom as well, and together we can consider the best of all options.

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I am happily married to quite the guy. He is a stay-at-home parent. We have three girls, born in 2004, 2007 and 2012. We also miscarried a son half way through pregnancy in 2006. All of our experiences with birth and babies were rich times. We are deeply blessed with a wonderful family.

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About Pregnancy Arts

The mission of Pregnancy Arts is to increase the wellbeing of individuals and families in the greater Ann Arbor area through exceptional holistic services and the promotion of personal responsibility for holistic health during the childbearing year.  Pregnancy Arts is owned and operated by Deb Rhizal.

Deb is also the co-owner, along with her husband, of, LLC, a company dedicated to reaching families throughout the world through the internet. Please visit for articles and planning guides written by Deb

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For Healthy, Happy, Families