Pregnancy Health & Wellbeing

Work with your vision for your pregnancy and beyond.  This worksheet will help you determine actions that will help you create an optimal pregnancy.  These additional resources may be helpful as you answer the worksheet questions:

  • Here is a list of character strengths.  When we experience these characteristics in ourselves it strengthens our spirit.  A strong spirit is perfect preparation for birth and parenting.
  • You may look over the list and identify your strengths, or take the VIA Survey.  It is a free online character survey you can take to identify your core character strengths.  (Registration is required and the survey takes about 30-40 minutes.)
  • Pregnancy can be both a catalyst and an obstacle for great communication as a couple. This handout includes a story illustrating how the feelings and demands of pregnancy can lead to communication challenges, as well as many ideas (verbal and non-verbal) for increasing communication and a richer understanding of how each person experiences pregnancy.  Safety resources for anyone experiencing or at risk for domestic violence are also included.
    Communication Story, Exercises & Safety Resources
  • This quick worksheet will help you identify specific sources of stress, positive or otherwise, common to pregnancy, as well as some of the effects you may be experiencing and ideas for positive stress relief.
    Effects of Stress

In class I mentioned deep relaxation practice at home.  This is the unfinished article that lists several suggestions for how to practice.  As you will be able to see, I have not yet written a relaxation script to finish the article, however you will find a link to instructions for writing your own.
Practicing Relaxation

Singing is a fabulous way to connect with the full range of human emotions and communicate with your baby, born or unborn.  Studies indicate that their mother’s singing voice is one of the first sounds babies respond to as they develop, most likely because of the vibration singing creates in the body.  Singing fills your lungs during the final months of pregnancy when lungs are constricted and connects you to inner and outer spirit – the source of our strength in birth.  And as Michael Odent says, “Above all it is a pleasure to sing and dance, and pleasure must not be underrated; it can only enhance pregnancy.”  I encourage you to sing all types of songs in pregnancy.  Here are three lullabies for the quiet reflective moments.
Sing for Birth Songbook

A quick impressive list of some of the incredible changes that mom’s body goes through during pregnancy.  This will increase your awe and respect and for the great miracle at hand!

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