Childbirth Class: Birth and the First Three Months

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This is a 6-week course, taught by Katy Gladwin.  Class is held Wednesday evenings at The Gladwin Center, 4105 W Liberty, Ann Arbor MI 48105 in Ann Arbor.

This class is offered at a discount when purchased as a six-week series, though the Birth and Postpartum segments can be purchased individually.  For in-depth information on what each class offers, please read their respective pages.

Schedule of Upcoming Classes & Class Fees

Birth – The 3-Week Childbirth Portion

The Birth segment of this class is a nut-and-bolts childbirth class covering:

  • Understanding the full course of labor and recognizing when it’s the best time to go to the hospital or call your midwife, as well as how to best take care of yourself while at home.
  • Basic labor and birth physiology and how to best work with your body to lower the need for intervention.
  • How to be prepared for managing the intensity of labor, and learning how to work with your body for an optimal labor experience.  We will discuss the mind/body/spirit connections as they pertain to coping techniques.  While this class does not promote natural childbirth over medical pain management, it will fully serve those who are hoping for an unmedicated birth, as well as offer support to women who are planning to receive an epidural.
  • How to make the best decisions for your family. Basic information on routine procedures and common interventions will be covered, though the emphasis will be on learning how and where to gather information to empower you to navigate what will be your unique birth experience.
  • The immediate postpartum time will be covered, including what to expect in the first two weeks and how to care for recovering mothers. Vaginal and cesarean birth recovery is offered.  There is so much more information available to aid in the transition into a new family, which will be covered in…

Schedule of Upcoming Classes & Class Fees

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The First Three Months – The Second 3-Week Postpartum Portion

The First Three Months – This class covers breastfeeding and the newborn, Early Infant and Family Development, and Postpartum Depression Prevention.

  • Newborn Portion – This class offers information on caring for, and soothing your new baby but is not a how-to-change-a-diaper class.  Instead this class will cover how to provide an environment that will encourage attachment and security for your baby.  What are your baby’s cues?  Their temperament?  How do we best respond to this information?  Parenting hot-topics, such as co-sleeping, “attachment” parenting, and schedules will be discussed, as well as the safety as it pertains to these topics.  This class does not cover infant CPR.
  • Change is A-coming… – Bringing home a new baby is going to be life-changing, as you have already likely been told.  This class will cover “survive-AND-thrive-strategies” that will empower you to enjoy your postpartum time, while staying healthy and full of joy in your new family.  What are the realistic expectations on time, energy, partner roles, sexuality, and spirituality when bringing a baby home?  How can you prepare for the big changes that come along with the postpartum time?  How can you stack the deck in your favor to have a joyful transition into parenthood.  Postpartum depression prevention will be covered in depth, and how family dynamics and expectations play a role.
  • Breastfeeding – This class can be taken on it’s own!) This class will cover how to track your baby’s feeds, and how to know they are getting enough milk.  How to get an optimal latch, and avoid excess nipple pain.  This class will talk about how families and partners support a nursing mother, and offer resources for ongoing support and information.  There will be time set aside for any additional questions you might have.

Schedule of Upcoming Classes & Class Fees

About Katy Gladwin

Katy Gladwin instructs the class series. She is a doula, mother, wife, and pregnancy consultant living in Ypsilanti.  Katy graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2011, with a degree in Human Biology/Pre-Med. During her last year of college she realized that birth work would be the most amazing way to fulfill her desire to support mothers and families.  After training in 2011, she quickly began doula work and worked full time until she gave birth to her own child in 2013.  As a full time mom, her love of teaching and sharing her knowledge has been slowed down a little, until now!  Being entrusted by Deb to share Pregnancy Arts’ amazing “Birth and the First 3 Months” course is really a dream come true.  You can learn more about Katy at Sacred Roots Services

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