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Childbirth Classes - Baby Crawling

Best Childbirth Classes in Ann Arbor!

Birth Preparation: Covers what to do at home during early labor, pain coping techniques, comfort measures, decision-making about management options and physical postpartum recovery. Read more/Register

Postpartum/Newborn: You may have heard that your life will change when you have a baby! Class supports a positive transition. It also covers newborn care from an infant development perspective, prevention of postpartum depression, and parenting hot topics.   Read more/Register

Breastfeeding / Newborn: Breastfeeding technique, breast health, and how every member of the family can be involved and helpful.  Read more/Register

*****Discounts apply for taking multiple classes*********

Private and Specialized Classes are also available!

Birth Doula

Deb Rhizal has been a Birth Doula for 11 years. Follow the link for more info.

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